Business and Share Valuations

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From time to time, business and share valuations can be required for a number of purposes:

  • In many probate cases, agreeing a business or share valuation with HMRC is a priority. Even if no IHT is at stake, or full BPR is available, agreeing a valuation is still vital. This way the beneficiaries start off with the best CGT base cost possible. For more detail see our Probate Valuation page.
  • It’s a fact of life that many marriages fail. We have experience producing valuation reports which comply with the Civil Procedure Rules. Further information is available on our Matrimonial Valuations page.
  • Business Valuations are often needed for tax purposes across a number of different taxes (CGT, IHT & Stamp Duty) and for a number of different reasons, not least of which are tax investigations. Our team have in depth experience preparing valuations for fiscal purposes in a format HMRC understand. We can negotiate on your behalf to ensure agreed valuations are achieved as quickly and smoothly as possible. Our Tax Valuations page explains more.

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