Software updates

Software updates

Software updates

Sage update – November 2015

There have been a number of updates which our Sage clients need to be aware of:

v2011 & Below

Clients, using these versions, are no longer able to purchase a like for like upgrade.  If any of our clients would like to get up to date, they will need to take out a Sage Cover Extra contract.

v2012 & v2013 - End Of Life

These versions, were announced as end of life, from the 1st April 2015.

This means customers, using either of these versions, should upgrade by the 31st March 2016.

Windows 10 & Sage Software

Sage 50 Accounts v22, and future versions, are fully tested and supported on Windows 10.

 · Sage Accounts 2013 (v19), 2014 (v20) and v21

Sage Accounts 2013 (v19), 2014 (v20) and v21 were released before Windows 10, and have had limited testing on this new operating system.

We can support you processing in your software, however we can't support issues with installing or accessing Sage Accounts on Windows 10. In this situation you should upgrade to Sage 50 Accounts v22.

 · Sage Accounts v18 and below

Sage Accounts 2012 (v18) and below aren't supported on Windows 10.

For further information about how any of these updates affect your software please contact Julian Wilkinson, Outsourcing Manager & Sage Software at Hart Shaw on 0114 251 8850 or