Strategic Advice

We can look at feasibility studies into each option and plan a route.

Many business owners reach a stage where they get to a crossroads with various options open to them.

This could be driven by succession issues, changes in a market in terms of technology or competitors or as a result changes in personal circumstances such as ill health or divorce.

Often small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) owners are in a lonely place with no one to confide in, therefore, having a trusted adviser alongside can be useful to help them to take a step back from the business and look at it strategically and with the input of a third-party pair of eyes.

We have many years experience of working alongside business owners and can therefore objectively help you decide what to do when reaching a crossroads. Sometimes just having us as a sounding board will help you reach the right decisions.

Often, we can assist by looking at your options with you and then looking at each option in turn. This could lead to you taking on new forms of finance, growing by acquisition or indeed downsizing or selling the business.

We can look at feasibility studies into each option and plan a route. Because of our experience across a wide range of business types, we can bring best practice ideas forward and, in some cases, introduce you to other business owners to increase opportunities for mutual benefit.

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