Business Valuation

From time to time, business and share valuations can be required for several purposes.

From time to time, business and share valuations can be required for several purposes:

  • To find out why it’s a good idea to agree on valuations with HM Revenue and Customs before implementing share or share option schemes see the Valuations for Share schemes page.
  • In many probate cases, agreeing to a business or share valuation with HMRC is a priority. Even if no Inheritance Tax (IHT) is at stake, or full Business Property Relief (BPR) is available, agreeing on a valuation is still vital. This way the beneficiaries start off with the best Capital Gains Tax (CGT) base cost possible. For more detail see our Probate Valuation page.
  • It’s a fact of life that many marriages fail. We have experience producing valuation reports which comply with the Civil Procedure Rules. Further information is available on our Divorce page.
  • Business valuations are often needed for tax purposes across a number of different taxes (CGT, IHT and Stamp Duty) and for a number of different reasons, not least of which are tax investigations. Our team have in-depth experience preparing valuations for fiscal purposes in a format HMRC understand. We can negotiate on your behalf to ensure agreed valuations are achieved as quickly and smoothly as possible. Visit our Tax Valuations page for further details.
  • Working with our Corporate Finance Team, our valuation team provide valuations for prospective business sellers and purchasers to aid their negotiations. Additional advice can be found on our Transaction Valuations page.

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