Statutory Audit

Providing a quality audit is something we feel passionate about.

Audit services have been a key part of our business for decades and providing a quality audit is something we feel passionate about.

We see it as an important role that we play in the accounting sector, promoting quality practices, and enhancing public trust in the finances of our clients. We work with clients ranging from family-owned businesses to group members of some of the largest corporations in the world.

Every client, every business, every individual, and every audit, is different; and we, therefore, take the time to tailor our approach to meet the specific needs of the business and the individuals involved. The audit will be conducted from both sides by people, as such, we believe audit is first and foremost about people.

We have a highly qualified and experienced team ready to support you through the process. We pride ourselves on our personable approach and believe in building a strong and productive relationship with you and your team; our audit team are friendly, supportive, and easy to work with.

We ensure that we use appropriately trained and qualified staff which further ensures that the audit strategy is appropriately tailored to the specific risks to your business, we do not send a team of people out on site for your finance team train which we know is a common complaint of auditors.

We ensure that we continuously develop our audit process through investing in training and technology, with the aim of improving both audit quality but also efficiency as we are aware that the audit process is a significant burden on your business and its resources. We empower our team to strive for increased efficiency and consistency year after year.

We act for clients both near and far and as such offer a secure client portal to enhance the efficiency of the audits we conduct. This also helps to promote two-way communication during the audit process and ensures both your team and ours have clear visibility over the audit's progress.

We believe our “real person” approach to audit is what has continued to ensure we have delivered a quality service to our clients whilst also being one of the fastest growing areas of our client offering. Our strong staff culture also helps to ensure as much consistency as possible in your annual audit team, despite the fact we are a training firm.

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