Selling a Business (M&A)

We have significant experience in assisting business owners to sell their business.

We have significant experience in assisting business owners to sell their business whether that is an individual or group of individual business owners/shareholders or acting for groups looking to sell non-core subsidiaries.

A business sale is quite a complex area with several distinct aspects. The key to successful disposal is controlling the information flow to interested parties and ensuring that all interested parties receive the same level of information so that any offers are directly comparable.

Typical disposal has the following stages:

Identifying potential buyers
We use a range of corporate finance databases and through knowledge from our intermediary network, we can identify suitable buyers.

We agree with you about the parties that we will approach to establish whether there is interest in buying your business. This is done discreetly, with no information shared without a signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Teaser Document
We prepare a Blind Profile or Teaser document to share with potential buyers, this includes an overview of the business’s activities and financial performance.

Information Memorandum
We prepared an Information Memorandum that provides more detailed information about the business to allow interested parties to make indicative offers for the business. This is issued to interested parties that have signed an NDA.

Reviewing indicative offers received
We review and compare offers received and discuss with you the details of each offer. We look to ensure that competitive tension is used to enhance the offers where appropriate and then following detailed negotiations with each party select a small number of interested parties to meet you to understand the business in more detail before confirming their offers.

Final Offers
Based on final offers we select a preferred bidder.

Heads of Agreement
Once the sale price has been agreed the Heads of Agreement is drafted, this forms the basis of the Sale & Purchase Agreement (SPA).

Legal Process
The buyer then commences the process of legal, financial and commercial Due Diligence (DD).

Legal Advice
Following the completion of Due Diligence, the SPA is drafted by your lawyers, we will introduce you to appropriate legal advisers to ensure the legal process goes smoothly or use your existing lawyers, providing they have appropriate transactional experience.

Ongoing Support
Throughout the process, we will offer ongoing support and commercial advice. This is invaluable particularly during the legal process as we can use our experience to navigate past legal bottlenecks.

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