Employment Tax Planning

We offer a broad service covering:

  • Remuneration planning
  • Employee Benefit Planning
  • Employee Share and Share Options
  • Employee Trusts
  • Pension Planning

The law covering employees and taxation is complex.

As part of our service we will get to know you and your business to ensure that the advice we give is relevant, rewarding your employees as tax efficiently as possible, leaving you with a more contented and hopefully loyal workforce.

Our advice will also help you to correct your current practices concerning employee remuneration if they do not meet the requirements of current tax and NI law. This way you reduce the risk of facing an expensive PAYE settlement with HMRC should they either visit your business or investigate your business affairs.

For more information about Share Option Schemes for employees and their benefits see our Share and Share Option Schemes page.

For a view on the current level of HMRC Enquiries see our Fee Protection Insurance Blog.